Book A Private Weekend Appointment at My Classroom Space in Kihei

Film and Television acting opportunities are coming to Maui. Will you be prepared to give your BEST audition on your FIRST attempt? Working with professional actors for over 30 years in Hollywood has taught me many useful approaches that I can share with you. The space is air conditioned and private.

  • The goal is 3 Fold:
  1. To achieve excellence as a self-directed actor capable of making great instinctive choices.
  2. To achieve excellence to the challenges of re-directions as an adaptable actor who can improvise as well.
  3. And to ultimately grow as an actor/artist with range. 

What is my training approach? We will try many challenges for acting on camera, including the audition interview, cold reading, re-directions & rehearsed scenes and then utilize instant replay with notes. You take home your session’s work on a thumb drive for further study. This is a smart & efficient way to accelerate your development.

WHEN: 2 Hour Appointments are available on Saturdays and Sundays from the hours of 10:00Am to 4:00PM

WHERE: In Kihei at the air conditioned modular classrooms of the Montessori Hale o Keiki School. The address: 100 Kulanihakoi St., midway between Piilani Hwy and Kihei Rd. on the grounds of The Trinity Episcopal Church by the Sea.
INFO and Questions: Dan Weisman @ 808-345-5548  Email:


A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Artistic Growth and Excellence in Acting

     I work WITH my actors to achieve growth and results in their chosen craft.
   Working on a dramatic scene in the safe confines of my new studio location in Kihei this past Saturday were two very talented actors, Robert ‘Beau’ Tackmann & Zsa Zsa Greenberg. Beau’s character needed to show tenderness & reassurance while Zsa Zsa’s character was all about fear of the unknown. We watched the replays with notes then they were sent home with a copy on their flash drives to view and evaluate at their leisure.
    The thrust of my coaching centers on this approach in order to help my actors achieve excellence and growth as Adaptable & Self-Directed artists with Range. Yes, I am known as an improv funnyman/teacher…. but one doesn’t have to “humiliate students into a good performances” in order to achieve seriously good results! For Class & Coaching info contact me at
Sincerely, Dan Weisman

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Collaboration for growth. Actors On Camera, Video replay + Director Dan Weisman's notes. The goal is growth to which achieves results.
Robert Tackmann & Zsa Greenberg rehearse a scene on camera… watch a replay…make adjustments under Maui Acting Coach Dan Weisman’s watchful eyes.

New Saturday & Sunday Private Coaching & Classes Location in Kihei, HI

My growing list of students may now find me every weekend in Kihei, HI, at The Montessori Hale o Keiki Modular Classrooms located at @ 100 Kulanihakoi Rd. @The Trinity Episcopal Church By The Sea . . Between Piilani Hwy & S. Kihei Rd.

Starting March 1st I will be conducting both private coaching sessions by appointment or teaching group classes. Mornings and late afternoons are reserved for private coaching sessions where actors can fine tune an audition, practice new choices on camera and, as always, work ON CAMERA with replay to evaluate their work.

Mid days from Noon to 2:30pm on Saturdays (Yes, I’ve increased the class time) is reserved for group sessions where scene study and auditioning with a partner are the main focus.

Sunday afternoon will eventually be available for group classes in my well known ‘Improv Comedy Fun!’ course & Private Coaching On Camera sessions.

PLEASE: Call for Dan for details @ 808-345-5548


Stillness on camera is a skill set to embrace as demonstrated by the great actress Ingrid Bergman in 'Casablance' and many other films.
Stillness on camera is a skill set to embrace as demonstrated by the great actress Ingrid Bergman in ‘Casablance’ and many other films.

Producing Actors Upon Whom The Industry Can Rely